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Trang ChủThông tin ngànhHow can candles increase burning time?

How can candles increase burning time?

1. Always pay attention to keep the length of the wick at 5-8 mm. Trimming the wick can help the candle burn evenly and prevent black smoke from burning and soot on the candle.
2. Make sure that the candle is not burning in the wind. The wind will make the candle burn unevenly and reduce the life of the candle.
3. Try to make the candle burn more than 2 hours each time, but do not exceed 4 small defects. If you want to burn in the long day, extinguish the candle every 4 small pieces, trim the length of the candle to 5 mm, and turn it off again to extinguish. candle
4. In addition, don't blow out the candle with your mouth! This will not only damage the candle, but also produce black smoke, turning the wonderful aroma of the scented candle into a smoke.
5. Use a candle cap or candle cover to extinguish the candle, or use a candlestick tool to immerse the candle in the wax. Please stop burning when the candle is less than 2cm.
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